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Our Business is Your Comfort



Our current customers are as important to us as new customers. We don't play "first fill price" games. This means we do not offer loss leader first fill prices and do not try to attract new business at the expense of our current customers. No gimmicks or tricks...You will never be surprised by a delivery charge, surcharge or billing fee. When we deliver more than 300 gallons to you in a year, you don't pay rent. That is a savings of $100 per year!

We can respond quickly to your needs because we are your neighbors.We offer 24 hour Emergency Service. 

Our professionally trained technicians make sure your problem is fixed right.


Propane gas is one of the safest, cleanest and most reliable fuels available when handled properly. We have an ongoing Employee Training Program and provide customers with safety information on operating and maintaining gas heating systems and the handling LP tanks of all sizes.

Propane is non-toxic and will not create an environmental hazard if released. Propane is not a greenhouse gas and the level of damaging emissions following LP Gas combustion is far below any carbon based fuel available.


Based on a thorough, professional analysis of your house, our climate control solutions are designed to provide consistent warmth and comfort to every room of your home in the winter and keep you cool, dry and comfortable, throughout your home, all summer long.

We can solve any heating or air conditioning problem from system repairs, maintenance and upgrades, to new heating and central air conditioning systems in existing homes, and complete climate control systems for new construction. CLICK HERE for more information.


We provide onsite consultation and planning, equipment installation, and prompt repair service.


  • Home Heating - #1 and #2

    • Delivering from:

      • Hinton, Beckley, Alderson, Welch, and Rupert, WV.

  • Oil & Propane

  • Furnaces

  • Air Conditioners

  • Heat Pumps

  • Fireplace Inserts & Logs

  • Wall Mount Heaters

  • Equipment Sales & Installation


Budget Pay Program

With budget payments, your yearly propane bill is broken down into 12 monthly payments, based on estimated usage and projected price.

Pre-Buy Program

Buy and prepay for up to a heating season's estimated usage at a low off-season price. The fuel is delivered automatically during the heating season.

Price Lock-in Program
For a lock-in premium, a cap price is purchased and your price cannot exceed the cap price.

Annual Maintenance
Keep heating & cooling systems running smoothly. We will super-tune your entire system and to keep it running at peak efficiency. It will prevent breakdowns, save money on fuel, and add years to the life of your equipment.

Stop in our showroom at our Hinton location. 



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