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Festive Lawn Games for your 4th of July Weekend! 

Once you've got your red, white and blue ice creamPinterest-perfect decorations and all your best social bubble, the only thing your Fourth of July BBQ needs is a solid selection of lawn games. If you grew up playing horseshoes, corn hole and Jenga, bring back those childhood faves with a modern twist. As you're prepping your Independence Day activities, spruce up an old board game with a psychedelic paint job or turn an old classic into a giant-sized adventure that kids of all ages will love. Once you're done, it's game time (after you Instagram it, of course). Keep reading for 7 fun DIY games that will make your Fourth of July party the hottest bash on the block.

 1. Giant Scrabble: A traditional game of Scrabble has 100 tiles (eek!), so you might want to consider cutting down on that a bit. Stock up on wood tiles at your local hardware store, then use paint or stencils to get the letters on each tile. And don’t forget the points in the lower right corner! 

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2. Frisbee Tic Tac Toe: The traditional version might not be “cool” enough for the kids, but give them a giant version and they’ll be all over it. This game actually takes a lot of skill to get the frisbees to land exactly right.


3. DIY Giant Jenga: Because everything is more fun when it's giant sized. You could paint the outer edge of the blocks with a few coats of colorful house paint to make the tower extra pretty, and get ready for a bit of fun competition

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4. DIY Horse Shoes: Embroidery thread isn’t just for friendship bracelets — it’s also for making the cutest set of horseshoes you ever did see. Start by spray painting the horseshoes and the stake, and then wrap them in a thread for a colorful, boho-chic look.

5. DIY Flamingo Ring Toss: This game could totally double as yard decor after the holiday weekend is over. If you have a nice grassy area available and you’re short on time or are sticking to a budget, skip the pots and just stick the flamingos straight into the ground. Otherwise, fill mini planters with sand or soil to keep your flamingos upright

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6. DIY Star Spangled Yard: Give your lawn the star-spangled treatment this weekend. And don’t panic: it’s not paint. Cut a star shape from a piece of cardboard, spray the grass lightly with water and use a flour sifter to fill the shape with flour. The stars should last until your sprinklers wash them away.


7. DIY Lawn Dominoes: Dominoes aren’t just for the card table anymore. Paint a set of wooden blocks with a splash of color that screams summertime, and you’ve got a weekend hit.

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